It’s during this stage of the contracting process that we start to put together a competent management team as well as create a list of potential subcontracting bidders. As the project moves through different stages, we’ll consistently deliver the needed feedback and also provide valuable insight for both the architects and project owners so that everyone understands how a design idea is fully brought to reality via the use of solid details and a solid construction methodology. We want our project leaders and owners to be fully informed so that they can be confident during the decision-making process, so we’ll always provide all of the alternatives that are available at any point during a project.


Our goal is to make the construction process more efficient. We’ll keep both design and construction teams focused on established deliverables that occur regularly so that there is no downtime or reworking period. This efficiency also helps prioritize innovation and reduce waste so that the whole process is improved. With this more efficient process, once again collaboration is part of the process. As a result, our clients reap the benefits of higher efficiency, healthy collaboration, the achievement of vision goals, and clear communication. 


Our system of construction management takes into account budgets, the administration of construction phasing, value engineering, site logistics studies, cost estimates, our findings of constructability, and the contractor and team selection process. At DDC Group Inc, we value successful teamwork, and nothing is more important to us than completing projects within the original parameters of success. We believe in collaboration and keeping a laser-tight focus on successful, on-time, on-budget project completion. Our end goal is to ensure that everyone profits from the project; from owners down to the design and build teams.
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